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Simon's Life

Here is a "BIO" that I prepared as my entry in:

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Simon Gervais P Geoghegan

I am a boring Computer Git in Bradford and I hate, the job, the place I work and need CREATIVITY.

1959 to 1962 - St Wilfreds RC Primary School, Sheffield: Failed Eleven Plus.
1962 to 1967 - St Pauls Sec Mod School, Sheffield: 8 CSE, including 4 @ Grade 1.
1967 to 1968 - Sheffield College of Technology: Failed General Catering Diploma
1968 to 1970 - Richmond College of FE, Sheffield: OND Business Studies, 5 credits.
1970 to 1972 - Sheffield Polytechnic: failed HND Business Studies.

I left Sheffield in 1972 with a failed HND in Business Studies from Sheffield Polytechnic.
Then I went to work in Redruth and in Bodmin.

But "the boy made good" and ...

1984 to 1987 - Coventry Lanchester Polytechnic.
... Yes, I got a BA (Hons) in Communication Studies at Coventry.
Fabulous course, fantastic fellow students (where are you now ?)

1983 to 1990 - Open University. My second Degree,
An Open University Degree, arrives in 1990.

1987 to 1989 - Gloucestershire College of Art & Technology (GLOSCAT).
Here I WORKED at Gloucestershire College of Art & Technology (GLOSCAT)
with the irredescent Tina Holmes and an office full of lovely girls.

1989 to 1993 - Falmouth College of Art & Design.
So back to Cornwall, working for the WORST employer I ever hope to come across:
Don't ask me to say more, I left in 1993 and am STILL traumatised !!!

After The South, The North. 1993 to 1994 - University of York.
Tried to study in York, not really my thing, so ended up working for York Council -lovely bunch.

And finally as the Minellium dawned I really hit the big shit pile -- BRADFORD.

In the summer of 2002 I managed an escape route from Bradford, at least during working hours !
Someone I used to work for at York was daft enough to ask me to work for him again. So in ...
June 2002: I started work for a Motorway Maintenance company in Leeds, and YES that means that **I** put those Cones out on the M1/M62/M18, each one individually placed and never ever retrieved !

Autumn 2003: I decided to change my life (yes, again !!!) and started dieting and going to the gym up to 5 times a week.  When that didnt turn me into a right sex pot, in spite of shedding 18 kilos, I turned to Ballet in October 2003.  Amazed? So am I, but I really enjoy it.  Beats sitting at this sodding computer creating stupid web pages.

Spring 2006: Still doing the Ballet Classes, and the visits to the gym, so still fit. Still maintaining highways as well. Love found a place in my life in 2005 but he has escaped for the moment.

Even madder now than you ever knew me.
My website proves it:  www.redsimon.info.
Not married (yes, you are AMAZED!),
not sorted,
not anything really !!!


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