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San Lorenzo, Firenze

BASILICA DI SAN LORENZO - A masterpiece by the architect Brunelleschi (who also built the dome on the Duomo).  I studied this delight on my OU course. 
Walk past San Lorenzo and you will be disgusted by its unprepossessing, not to say shabby, exterior;  Italian churches often ran out of money before they got around to cladding the outside.  But walk into San Lorenzo and you will marvel at the serenity and elegance of the most restrained and simple design of geometric derived arches and domes.  No fussy pinnacles from gothic, no over decorated pre-Renaissance designs, and certainly not the over gilding of the lily a la Baroque.  This is pure. 

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View down onto San Lorenzo from Campanile
Looking down on San Lorenzo from the Campanile
  The delightful Cloister within San Lorenzo
The Cloister within San Lorenzo
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Cloister and Dome
 Inside the Cloister at San Lorenzo
Inside the Cloister
Brunelleschis interior for San Lorenzo
Brunelleschi's interior
 A Pulpit designed by Donatello, San Lorenzo
Donatello's Pulpit
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