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Santa Maria Novella in Firenze 

SANTA MARIA NOVELLA - One of the many churches that I had studied on Open University studies.  Time was short, however, so elected to visit it for one reason only; Massaccio's "la Trinita" a fresco on the walls.  Sadly this wonderful early renaissance work was scaffolded out of view for reasons of restoration. Better luck awaited me at Christmas 2003 when I revisited Firenze (from Gavinana) and stood before La Trinita in all its restored glory.

La Trinita is undoubtedly one of my favourite works of art, and I especially love the early Renaissance period with its imperfections, warmth and humanness that I find absent from the more perfect, but almost cold and untouchable later Renaissance.  I love too the other works (those few that survive) by Masaccio in the Brancacci chapel (see the ART album).

However, they are also many other works in SMN, including a Crucifixion by Giotto and one by Brunelleschi, frescoes by Ghirlandio, and sculpture by Pisano, amongst others.

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The Black and White of Santa Maria Novella
Santa Maria Novella

Nave of Santa Maria Novella
The nave of Santa Maria Novella

A crucifix by Giotto
Crucifixion by Giotto
  Masaccio's La Trinita
La Trinta by Masaccio
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