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Abbey National goes BOOOOOMMMM

September 1st 2002

At 09.00hrs on Sunday, September 1st 2002, the company Controlled Demolition carried out a "Blow Down" on the 8-storey Provincial House, former National and Provincial HQ (later Abbey National) in Centenary Square, Bradford.

Here are some pictures for you, and a jerky animation is available.

click pictures for a larger image

One second to go  click here for ANIMATION of the Blowdown  Zero: The button has been pressed
Five!, Four!, Three!, Two!, One!                  Zero!                
One second after explosion
minus One
Two seconds after explosion
minus Two
Three seconds after explosion
minus Three
Four seconds after explosion
minus Four
Five seconds after explosion
minus Five
Six seconds after explosion
minus Six
5minutes later, Manchester Road at standstill
The "busy" Manchester Road 
about 5mins after explosion
Outside my flat about 5minutes after explosion
Dust cloud moves towards my flat
All that is left, a big pile of rubble
From about 80feet to about 18feet in a few seconds
The Rubble is excavated
Work begins immediately on the new building

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