What Simon SHOT
(with his Camera !!!)

Please click on the Menu buttons above to view my extensive collections of Photos.

My photos are arranged in two ways:

(1) Push this button to bring up a cascading list of individual pages that contain some commentary on the place or the event and a few photographs about it.
(2) Push this button to bring up a cascading list of online Albums.
These Albums consist of thumbnails without notes or commentary. 
The photos contained on the Photo pages are often repeated in the Albums, as well as many extra shots that could not be included.
When a thumbnail is clicked a full size version of that photo is displayed. 
Some of these photos are very BIG !!
(3) Push this button to load self-running Adobe Acrobat Photo Slideshows (LARGE downloads)

You may copy the photos and save them to your own computer if you wish,
but if you email me I might be able to send you a better quality version of that image.

As well as dozens of photo pages, there are also some textual pages giving interesting (!?!) facts about or around me. 
For example, do you know the origins of my many names, or are you aware of the associations with my names ? 
If you aren't and can be bothered to enquire, then buttons will enlighten you....


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key text:  This is the front page for the website  RedSimon which is a series of photo albums of Simon GP Geoghegan.
There are also topic folders within the main website for special interests
including cars
and Photo Albums
and Art
as well as Cornwall
and even Venice, Venezia
not forgettingFlorence, Firenze
All the work is my own, including the Javascript which was inspired by content on Javascriptweenie and also
javascriptsource and I like coding with the Editor
Crimson Editor and sometimes
Stones Web Writer 3.5 was good for code
but I used TopStyle (from Bradsoft) for editing CSS style sheets
For Graphics I used PhotoImpact 8.0 and also Xara WebStyle (same company)
for geating GIF buttons - though these have been abandoned in the latest version of the site.
The first graphics were created using PaintShop Pro 7.0 sometimes with Xara WebStyle
For the Thumbnail Albums I used Express Thumbnail Creator








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